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5 min sprints

Spiderman Crawl, 360 plank rolling series

Crab Walk, IDO squat

  • 30 Burpees
  • 8 KG step ups (7 kg)
  • Chest press (10 kg EArm) back on fit ball

Stretch, Side lunge

  • 3 x 8 squat — 35 kg
  • 3 x set Elbow plank up down 10
  • 3 x 10 pushups

Stretch, side lunge, splits

  • 3 x 10 burpees
  • tricep dips
  • row pull thing



lunchtime workout 6.sept.2017

  • Spider walk
  • Jefferson curl to full extension & ATG squat
  • 360 plank rolls (both directions)
  • Crab walk forward, backward
  • Bridges
  • Monkey (each side); Bear Walk forward and backward
  • Around the world, hollow-ups
  • Side plank leg kicks – both sides
  • Straddle single arm reach backs
  • Copeira flow  – Jefferson, tuck squat, single leg out into side plank arch roll, back, other side, then somersault UP.
  • Splits, stretches.
  • Handstand work:   regular handstand + split handstand with split exit.

Maybe few other bits/pieces cannot recall.


Have had a bit of MCT oil today in coffee and whoa, is appetite down.   Just coffee + 2 hardboiled eggs so far (2 pm).

No work tomorrow.  Airport drop off then 1 on 1 PT ‘movement’ training at the gymnastics gym with my Brazilian capoeira guy.   Feeling much better about that after today’s session WHICH FELT ACE …ankle been weak and stabby pain, some increased numbness from foot (worried back/nerve related) .

Have to have to HAVE TO start the daily selfies.  I know it makes a difference in motivation / hitting goals.   Need more movement snaps too.

Over and out.

ugh off track 5.9.2017

Need to diarize to do quick daily food post — it helps when I’m meandering all over (hand up).

Food 5 sept 2017:

  • chicken + brocc X 2 (breakfast and lunch)
  • Small avocado snack
  • About 10 almonds
  • About 10 wine gums (argh smack smack)
  • Few sweet potatoe fries
  • 1 prawn taco (minus the corn tortilla)
  • 2 scotch

Rowed 2 kms + movement/ some strength — can’t recall all.

So average not great day.  ALSO MY PERIOD IS BEYOND LATE which means so, soooo bloated.   I’m just about a month late so fingers crossed, comes back and can finally shed .




Day was good!

  • oats/yoghurt/blueberries
  • handful almonds over the day
  • boiled egg
  • chicken + broccoli (w cheese) lunch
  • yoghurt snack in pm few crackers + cheese
  • 2 x pieces cauliflower toast (experiment at dinner).  LOVE.
  • argh, handful potatoe chips

Good gym at lunch including decent split handstand work.

Made child some mash at dinner; was waiting to hear something from him as it wasn’t potatoe mash, rather turnip + cauli mash. NOT A WORD.  And he ate it (bar a tiny bit).



31.7.2017 – ugh

  • oats/berries/yoghurt
  • too many pistachios
  • chicken chips, sour cream + onion rice crackers (way too many)
  • plain yoghurt + berries
  • lord knows what else I mindlessly nibbled at
  • a few scotch

Lunchtime workout.   SO bloated.

did not win the day.

she’s baaaack

BACK to being more disciplined.  Eating sloppily – UGH.

So maybe personal blogging may help.

Habits to restart:

  • plan for a day, period. Know the day before what you are eating the next day.
  • broccoli OR  cauli twice a day.   Fills me, I love them.  Gives me energy.
  • More herbal tea




Saw the physio Monday after work — some good massage/trigger point pain release in the shoulder/neck area.   No hanging until that is entirely gone — not terrible or anything but obviously want to avoid it getting bad.

Melbourne Cup day yesterday so day off, and did a 40 minute Middle Split stretch routine (from  OY.

Gymmed today (his hotness there).   All gymnastics drills; hollow rocks much improving.

Barre tomorrow at lunch.   Gymastics (1 on 1) with my guy at 6 pm.




Did intro gymnastics class on Saturday — one on one, an assessment for getting going.


All fundamentals; been working on many of the items since then.  It’s all on me now to make progress on the moves I have at hand…need to master hollow rock in all positions (on back, each side, face down).

I thought my shoulders were better than they are in terms of being ‘open’; much progression to come.

So gym today was running through exercises from that session.  Wanted to sprint to start, but this lady forgot her sport bra so that was right out.  All of workout bodyweight only; in socks. Pas de shoes.

Sample exercises:

walking lunges (forward, backward); slider work:   seal walk (forward, backward); pike jack knives on slider moving forward; Rolls (up to standing and straight leg front/back); 45% assisted handstand; side lunges (SERIOUS lunge ….butt to 1 cm off floor in essence).

Physio however after work tonight; the pain area (top of bicep? is it shoulder? is it rotator?) that went up the gurgler in NYC after doing a barre class is making noises….hanging amplifies; presents some limits with gymnastics so let’s get on it and see what guy says.  Walking into fold over 3 point active standing split – walking forward, backward.



Was doing walking backward lunges (unweighted) — knee goes right down. As I’m doing this walking toward me (so in same direction as I’m moving backward) but obviously much faster is Gym Crush who’s just arrived and heading over to his boxing bag.  So he’s seeing me do this for about 20 reps.   Walks by me and as passing says IMPRESSIVE. Said it TO ME.


Obviously I responded like an idiot (sigh sigh sigh) muttering something like “oh I don’t know about that” which I think (assume) was stupid to say, but what else is new.







Quick snap short gym session – leaving early and work to be done.


C1:  Knees to bar, plyo lunge, weighted sumo squat

c2:  Thrusters, tricep dip, side swipe unders — a few hollow rocks.

C3: squat press bosu; mac raises, lat pull down.

Shoulder/top ticep still wonky when doing the bar hanging…need to pace it.

OH, barre yesterday.  Much ballet. Good.


GOOD gym session!

SPRINTS (10 mins)

C1:  toe to bar (ALMOST!!); plyo lunges (20); Sumo squat (10 kg)

C2: row 200 m; Side twist under thing, single leg RDL 7 kg each hand

C3: prone jacknives, pushups feet on big ball, single leg ham curl barre style (hard core)

Stretching blah blah.

Think I need to pace a bit more on the knees/toe to bar.  Form instantly better today after seeing that youtube video yesterday — big difference.  3 days in a row and while core feels great, right shoulder a bit wonky and suspect that to blame.  Who knows.

Also thinking of signing up for this gymnastic fundamentals as certain much of that would be good for me / set some form better.

His hotness was there — weirdo ackward (me as always) over thinking the balance of trying to achieve the “casual” eye contact and “oh, hi” as if I didn’t know he was there the whole time without looking ultra loser stalker.  yeah.