Monthly Archives: June 2016


Fractured foot is about mended!  Woo.

Walked to work the past two days (7.5 km); man alive have I missed moving that way.   Keeping it all low impact for a bit longer, but after 6 weeks of moon boot hobbling, the walking felt amazing.    Aces.  You just work different muscles in that motion, even at low impact.

Been still moving more toward NSNG — certainly not 100%, but certainly making some better choices.

Things I now stock at work:   mixed greens, Spanish onion, avocado, lemons (from the garden!), good EVOO.   Making daily salads.

Eggs every day generally.

Current favourite dinner: wasabi crusted salmon with ginger & salad.  LOVE

Also, roasting veggies (well, sorta exclusively broccoli & brussell sprouts) regularly, enough to last a few days at work.

No lack of greens in my life these days.