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Extra motivation to get my butt in shape.   About 9 weeks til go over to Canada so that a motivation too, but looking as hot as possible in future wedding photos the motivation. Will not be any big grand ceremony; maybe town hall but the celebration just small dinner party with fam/friends both in Melbourne and separately in Toronto.


Thurs/Friday last week — pilates & gym both days.   PT on Thursday.

Zilch on weekend — got gastro after the Big Event and spent all of Sunday sleeping it off.

Monday morning pilates done.





Usual oats + berries + yoghurt in a minute.

Did 7 am pilates; saw a waitlist spot had come free at 5:10 am so slothed for another short while before dragging myself up (my kitty was being a morning idiot which meant was never going to zzz much more anyway).   HARD.  First time with this instructor Heidi.

Really happy with the “new” (to me) instructors I’ve had since going back to Breathe.

My hair is soaking (I sweat like anything doing essentially anything; add it’s raining so ain’t drying in a hurry).

Noted how much I’m craving herbal tea in past week — bought some initially with the flu that hit last week, and just been keeping at it and fingers crossed forming a genuine habit of drinking it.  Going through tons.  Craving it!  have always known feel better if drink it, but just rarely do.   Here’s to hoping that changes.  Feel like it’s contributing to the bod feeling better too and maybe looking a tad leaner (as much as one can in one week).    Lemongrass and ginger is




Gym yesterday:

Few minutes sprints — something was off in my right leg and was worried about stability/ wiping out so aborted that action.

Circuit x 4:  12 x squats (up to 60 kg); 15 kg French press x 15; something else (argh..hate it when delete it from my phone after workout)

I give up ..other things in multiple circuits were:   Running man on bosu x 5 + 3 pushups (repeat x 2 in each set);  upright BB pull; hamstring curls; prone jacknives; bicep curls.   UMMMMMM ??

Then reformer pilates after work.  Really feeling ace back at the pilates — insane how intense it can be.     Plan is to go again tonight after work …scheduling takes ridiciulous amount of time around work, child, class availability (waitlist management and then booking others in case waitlist doesn’t come through).  BOO HOO, hey?

work time.


april!  are you kidding me.  How did that happen?

Can’t recall last Thursday’s workout.

Friday am did reformer pilates at 7 am — first time in soooo many months.  OY.  so good.  Gymmed as well — can’t remember what I did but was good.

Saturday, dragged myself into the city and did pilates again at 10:30.  ACES.

Amazing how much benefit you get from something when doing something ‘new’; or in this case, something haven’t done in so freaking long.   Good for my back and wonky leg issues too.

Today:   Lunchtime gym; pilates 5:30 pm.

Plan is to keep pilates back regularly on the menu — I always kick myself when I’ve gone away from it and then go back and upon feeling so good, am all WHY DIDN’T I MAKE TIME FOR IT.  Just got to do it.

Ate well this weekend too, for which I’m pumped.  It’s not that hard to do, but still bite so often (ha) at doing it over weekends.   Delightful 5 minute dinner last night — beauty king prawns with tons of greens, red onion, bit of avo and a bit of crustacean sauce wrapped up in mountain bread.  Simple, good.   No excuses.