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workout 22.jan.2015


Inclined sprints – 10 mins.  Finished at Incline lvl 4.

Circuit: BB Benchpress + Plyo Lunges (x 18 E set)

Circuit: Ass chin ups (moan); bent over ros; Mishy Makers Twist (3 kg e hand).

Circuit: Tricep BB press thing; DB hammer curls; squat jumps (10); bicep curl; prone jackknife

Random abs:  Side taps, arm to knee stabilizer.

750 metre row.

About 45 mins.  Lookin weenie on paper, but felt worked hard.  But need a PT session to figure out how to safely increase bench press using rack (stop at 32.5 kg pre loaded BBs).


Whoa, did this one sleep last night.  If only could’ve kept going this am.  But, the grind beckons.   When I look at yesterday’s cardio on paper, it look so flippin weenie (though admittedly, many workouts look like zilch on paper)…but guessing too that given been > 1 year since doing that much cardio in one hit, bod feels it.  But which bodes well for getting the most from it ..challenging bod, mixing things up which I know I need to do for best results.  Feels good being bod sore/tired!

Weights / upper body back today.  The Plan:

Sprints – 10 mins

Chest press BB (x4); Plyo  Lunges

Ass chin ups; bent over row, side plank test under

Circuit:  chest fly, walking push up, squat jump, pull over fit ball, hammer curl

Circuit:  Reverse Fly, shoulder press, squat jump

Row 1 km

Also, want to get my eating timing more normalized…breakfast at 11:30 am yeah, maybe not the wisest idea (too much hunger at end of day).  Need to reset so hungry in the morning!  day 1

Food yesterday — surprised it totalled this high must admit, given dinner was a fudge not a proper meal (too tired…yoghurt, berries, some rice crackers with half an avocado…a scotch).   Didnt’ feel like I consumed this much, but such is the insight of tracking.  Um, Rice crackers add up quickly (200 cals!) and given they oh, don’t fill you at all…not the best choice if hungry and lazy.

Totals 1,575 131 8 91 841 26
Your Daily Goal 1,200 165 40 45 2,500 26
Remaining -375 34 32 -46 1,659 0
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar

cardio 21 jan 2015

WELL.  Pretty much hit gym right after posting before.   That was hard (bloated, cramping,hot and humid,  not done this much cardio in oh, billion years).

  • 14 mins inclined sprints;
  • 2 km row (okay okay …1.93 kms) (about 10 mins).  Such a weenie for not making it 2.00;
  • 10 minutes elliptical

Felt it.  Increased numbness down leg doing elliptical ….theoretically would next week want to mix up the order to keep it changing, but don’t think I could ever safely do sprints at end when getting more tired…too high risk for wipe out / major spill if the leg not fresh/maximum control.

Some stretching down.


Cardio day.   EWWWW.  But, gotta be done.  And it is humid so extra gross, but head down must do.  Combo sprints / rowing / elliptical / box jumps planned….we shall see how we go.  Cardio/impact so tricky post back surgery and not having full control of my left foot.   But need more cardio if want to shed some!

Yesterday’s food — more than I’d planned, but nothing terrible.    All good food (okay, couple of scotches in there (and on a school night!)).  But good fuel elsewise.

Totals 1,689 145 34 154 1,337 60
Your Daily Goal 165 40 45 2,500 26
Remaining 20 6 -109 1,163 -34
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar

broccoli salad idea – 4 serves

I’ll use cast iron ban to blacken that broccoli.


  • Nutrition

  • 600g broccoli, trimmed, cut into florets
  • 1 x 400g can brown lentils, rinsed, drained
  • 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 6 shallots, ends trimmed, thinly sliced
  • 1 long fresh red chilli, deseeded, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
  • 75g baby spinach leaves
  • 2 tablespoons toasted pine nuts
Fat saturated
Fat Total
Carbohydrate sugars
Carbohydrate Total
Dietary Fibre

All nutrition values are per serve.

19 jan 2015

Gym yesterday was ugh not great/not hard enough- so bloated gross.

Sprints warm up 5 mins (weenie)

Circuit:  chest press, shoulder press, plyo lunges

Circuit:  leg extension machine, plank side twist ab unders, seated rows

Circuit:  ham curl machine, squat jumps, prone jacknives, box jumps

Period! Freaking finally…bod been so out of whack since last long haul back from Canada.  Weigh in in 2 days!  ACK.   Signed back up for 12wbt for some structure / hopeful inspiration.

Leg day at gym today.  Woo.  Few groceries to get after work for soup cookup tonight (to freeze! welcome back, organization).  Woo.

Approximate eating from yesterday — ‘goal’ is a bit arbitrary, but courtesy of MFP.

Totals 1,583 139 30 120 1,279 50
Your Daily Goal 1,200 165 40 45 2,500 26
Remaining -383 26 10 -75 1,221 -24
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar


Well, yesterday was a write-off.  congratulations, me!

Tonight — cooking up some soup like I used to for freezing.

Curried flavour profile in a minestrone (not a big minestrone flavouring fan).

  • 2 x each of carrot, zucchini, celery stalk diced
  • 1 x each of can of lentils, cannellini beans
  • minced aromatics (garlic, ginger, diced onion, coridander root)
  • about 1 litre low salt stock (I’m a veggie stock person).

Cook it all; I hand blitz it after cooking all but the cannellini beans — and add cannellini beans at end for texture (whole).  I add proper spices after I reheat it at work (cumin, garam masala, whatever) since my colleagues get all gnarly and crusty when I reheat it already spiced (honestly people…get a better complaint!).  But alas I do the right thing and flavour after.   Serve with dollop of plain greek yoghurt and if uniquely organized, bring some coriander leaves to top!

Usually makes 6 serves.  About 250 cals.

must keep tracking, blogging!

It simply does keep me more accountable.  Denial if I don’t!

So need my period.  Ate way too much yesterday — haven’t done MFP but was:

oats, usual brekkie

lunch — Japanese curry noodle soup with Gyoza.

Few cookies.

Pizza dinner with red wine.

It felt like crazy binge.  Workout did happen yesterday and was good — is in my phone what I did; upper body.

Just gymmed now – the workout from other day with Plyo lunges in the circuit — PLYOS PLYOS PLYOS.  So glad have added these back seemingly safely …fingers crossed can keep doing them without repercussions.  I swear I see shape difference ASAP in my legs (for the better, needless to say) doing them.  Love that they are so freaking challenging for me having not been able to do them for 15+ months.  Used to bang out 100 easily in a circuit.  Like anything, mixing it up means get the most benefit from new exercises pretty quick (or sorta what I mean).  Anyway – like ’em.

must keep in mind impending weigh in post period.  That’ll be a deep breath.


First group reformer class in AGES…felt ace.  A 2015 goal also to seek balance in training — so good for the (MY) bod alongside weight training.

Need to force it to be part of the regular mix — once weekly minimum (it ain’t cheap, yo).  Two if possible.

and doing Friday morning 7 am again!


food – 13.1.2015

Kept things under control!  Not a bad day.  Bod is sore (good!).  Intake more or less…food not aligned to actual meals — (breakfast is breakfast, lunch + snack).   And not exactly aiming for their totals, but a guide.

Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Chobani – Chobani 0% Plain Greek Yoghurt – Aus, 181.5 g 86 5 0 16 80 5
Eggs – White only, raw, 4 large 69 1 0 14 219 1
Boiled – Egg, 1 large egg 65 91 1 6 8 62 0
Cereals – Oats, regular and quick and instant, not fortified, dry (oatmeal, rolled oats), 50 g 192 34 3 8 2 1
Broccolli – Steamed, 2 cup 108 24 0 8 128 4
Strawberries – Raw, 1 cup, whole 46 11 0 1 1 7
Sirena – Tuna In Springwater 95g Can, 70 g drained 77 0 0 18 113 0
Add Food

669 76 9 73 605 18
Add Food

Broccolli – Steamed, 2 cup 108 24 0 8 128 4
Chicken – Breast, meat only, raw, 150 g 165 0 2 35 98 0
Scotch – Scotch Whisky, 3 oz 194 0 0 0 0 0
Annalisa – Cannellini Beans (Fagioli, White Beans), 75 g 92 16 1 6 183 1
Add Food

559 40 3 49 409 5
Sirena – Tuna In Springwater 95g Can, 70 g drained 77 0 0 18 113 0
Totals 1,305 116 12 140 1,127 23
Your Daily Goal 1,200 165 40 45 2,500 26
Remaining -105 49 28 -95 1,373 3
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar