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Someone went a bit off the rails.

– Weekend (well, one night) down at bf’s friends’ farm — GORGEOUS.  But yours truly an emotional basket case — pent up angst re: my dad being sick add period emotions = TEARS.  Needed night back in Melb to DO NOTHING, and be entirely off duty solo sloth time.

– which was great! Until woke with bad Flu sunday …super dizzy with it.  Didn’t even entertain the previous day’s thoughts of an unrushed gym visit.   Ate tons (needed). Woke 3 am and barfed, big time. Monday off work recovering.

– also too much alcohol before falling ill (Friday/Saturday).

Todays workokut — felt great today, first time running at all post surgery.  Will be keen to see how feel next few days after it …fingers crossed, fingers crossed.  period due any second, so, um, noted.


  • 20 push ups
  • 12 squat press 6 kg dumbs
  • prone jacknife TRX 20
  • step ups 6 kg
  • upright rows 22.5 kgs barbell 12
  • Sumo squat – 9 kg med ball.  20, then 30 next 2 sets.

Interval springs x 10 minutes!!!

Repeat circuit, repeat intervals, repeat circuit.

20 more pushups and stretching.



yesterdays food – better; not great. but improving.

  • oats, chob, berries
  • 2 x meals seared chicken + garlic broccoli
  • 2 x small plain chob with berries
  • organic chocolate (way too much)
  • 1 shot scotch

** I need to eat breakfast regularly, earlier.  Been waiting too late and I think that is affecting all day hunger and poorer food choices due to being starving marvin.   Never used to be this way.

Today’s workout felt great.  My current thinking, feeling HEAVY and HUGE is that in effect, I’ve pretty much been doing a (relative) “hard and heavy” muscle building for about 3-ish months now.  “heavy” being relative, but definitely all muscle building. no HIIT.  no cardio.  No elevated heart rate outside that of doing weights. 

Upshot:  no cutting.  no shredding.  NEED.

SO, my gut is I need to do that and going to spend 4 weeks basically doing weeks 9 – 12 of an old L&S round.  Circuit + elevated heart rate. 


Circuit x 3 – but last round finished on 5 mins inclined walking with another 15 push ups.

  • 15 pushups
  • 1 (E side) side taps
  • Step ups – 6 kg dumb bells. 10 E side.
  • Mountain climbers.  20 (each leg)
  • Side lunge – 6 kgs Dumbbells. 10 E side.
  • Butt curl / hamstring curl – 10
  • Squat Shoulder press – 12.  6 kg dumbbells.
  • 10 minutes inclined walking – Top Level incline, avg. 6 km per hour.

Definitely felt it at end.

Want to still work more on food.

a) More water (usually good, but more not lost)

b) less alchohol during the week.  Only rare.

c) prepare better meals — Mexican Shep Pie (mince W sweet potatoe); Lentil Spag Bol.  think I’m not having enough carbs at times leading to over eating.

d) daily snack of plain yoghurt with berries. 

e) back to measuring for a while until “eye” and “hand” retrained.



Todays food goal:

– oats, chob, berries

– seared chick W broccoli x 2 (lunch dinner)

– 2 x chob with berries

– if get organized, make some sweet potatoe mash.