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workout 30.8.2013

My back/hips feeling SOOO GOOOD.  Haven’t squatted since Monday (with weight); been rolling.  Just blown away by the difference.  So good!

Was insanely sore this am — holy guacamole did that final blast BLITZ me in yesterday’s workout (the finish sequence of 10 squat jumps; 10 pushups, then 9 of each etc. down to 1/1).   AMAZEBALLS.

Debated adding a rest day today, but decided to go and did most of the prescribed workout (minus 1500 m on rower; did more abs/stretching instead…which I need!).

warmup:   500 m rower

circuit x 3:

  • shoulder press (10 kgs). 10. (boring).
  • hammer curl sorta
  • single leg squat

circuit x 3:

  • mac raises/lat raises.  5 kgs. sloow.
  • upright row  15 kgs.


circuit x 3:

  • scissors
  • double leg lift up thing
  • prone cobra OR side planks OR unstable front plank (bosu w swiss ball)

3 sets prone jacknives.

Good stretching, rolling.  all good! 

Tomorrow’s SSS as laid out is just crazy.  I’m actually amazed how much metabolic work…wouldn’t have thought so much in the hard & heavy phase; feel like I’m in a ripping phase!  But all good. Looking stronger (bit of arm butch paranoia); hips leaner, abs for sure way better.  All good!

workout 29.8.13

warmup:   500 m on rower

circuit x 3:

  • sloow air squats w bar overhead; 12 ish
  • plank slides

circuit x 3:

  • chest press – 30 kgs. 12
  • step ups:  10 E leg, 8 kg dumbbies

circuit x 3:

  • inclined chess press. 8 or 9 kg dumbbies.  10
  • step lunge. 10 E leg. 8 kgs/ 9 kgs once dummbies.

circuit x 3:

  • 20 plyo lunges (e leg);
  • walking pushups on riser – 12

ab circuit only x 2:

  • scissors
  • situp/crunch
  • plank sweep unders (only 1st set)

final blast – done 90% correct:

  • 10, 9, 8, 7 …..squat jump with same
  • pushup toes. 

Legs shaking after final blast!  good one.

Few mins foam roller.    Honestly can’t decide how back feeling.  GEnerally felt better this am.  But not 100%



workout 28.8.13

Morning workout!!!! So pumped I got up and did it; need to do this more. 

Cardio/core day.

– 10 minutes elliptical
– 1000 m row
– 10 minutes inclined speed walk (Level 11; 6.5).  ** Was to be running, BUT purposely walked to minimize impact (back/hips)

Foam rolled – each side.
Mixed abs (scissors / plank side twist)

circuit x 3:
tricep dips
one armed row
prone jacknives

few more foam rolls.

** back/hips etc. I do believe is feeling better?  Foam rolling hurt, BUT am hoping this is part of the feeling better (acknowledging though did not squat past 2 days).  TBD.  Bought roller at lunch to keep at home; need to start doing daily and see how we go.  Fingers crossed!


workout 27.8.13

warmup: 5 minutes ellipitcal

  • chin ups: 3 sets. 5/4/3
  • Hamstring curl: 20/25kg/15.  12 10 12
  • Leg extension:  25 / 20 – 10/12

circuit x 3:

  • lunges: 10 E leg; 7 kg dumbbies
  • plyo lunge – 20 (10 E)
  • tricep dip

circuit x 3:

  • single leg butt curl/lift on bench: 12 E leg up
  • pullover on fit ball – 7 kgs. 10
  • prone jackknive – 15
  • tricep pushup – 12

circuit x 3:

  • burpee – 15
  • ab:  crunch OR side touch

Elliptical – 5 mins.


Back irking me.  If V my legs hurts sitting / get hip pangs. Fidgetting!!



Realized is worthwhile for me to track back/hip niggles here so can look for patterns (say of day prior’s training) or other ..might be useful when I hit doc (have to move to next week).

Felt great all night, and ding – soon as sitting this am not great.  Not the worst.

  • centred around tail bone
  • in am, flexibility (bending over) worse/sore — maybe hammies?
  • bss day prior and squated

Food ace yesterday …totally normal:

  • oats/chiabrain/chob blueberries
  • curried chicken and cauliflour.  love ya, cauli!  Why haven’t I bought you in so long?
  • more curried chicken and cauli.  Was cramping my brains out.
  • small plain chob with blueberries
  • 6 vitawheat, 3 slices jarlsberg.




weekend pause

Quick weekend dump:

Friday:  Fri afternoon started getting the arrghh, let’s take Juniour out for bolognese, which is also code for I don’t want to cook, I will chill and have a glass (2) of pinot noir and a little snack (cured ocean trout — that wasn’t the problem). 

Prob arises then I get home, bit tipsy from the wine, don’t have proper food, then, OH WAHT A SURPRISE, get hungry later and nibble — pizza, yoghurt w berries & cookies (that i’d brought home, b/c Friday!!).  ARGH.  All fuelled by “just a bit more wine” at home.  ARGH.   Not end of world obvs, but just not pleased when do dumbo, avoidable things.  If I’d just had dinner that would’ve helped with the poor food choices.

Ate well Saturday, including out for dinner (3 prawn soft tacos).  Just oats/brekkie, 2 bowls of yoghurt w berries as well.  Red wine though!  But that was planned.

Sunday – felt fine, ate FINE until being super dumb, bought ice cream (????), flavoured Chobani I didn’t need (had plain) — ate both the blueberry & strawberry I bought (one with a cookie).   BLT wasn’t so bad, but just WAYYYY TOO MUCH ICE CREAM.

And even did a beach walk…argh; hammy hamster! Food working against my other efforts & interests.  Oh, and then to boot had 2 glasses of wine last night, b/c, leftovers.  ARGH. 


  • NO wine Friday.  no, no no!!!!
  • Wine on Saturday night, yes.  Not over the top as have juniour and will be up and out early for soccer.


26.8.2013 workout


That was good.  Supreme given Day of period will go log way in de-bloat cramp management blah blah.  AND after YET ANOTHER (ding ding ding) waaaayyy too much food indulgence on the weekend (ugh, I cannot even write it all out – but hello, ice cream problem.  wtf??? that was just gross). 

warmup: 10 mins incline sprints

circuit x 3:

  • squat:   55/57.5/57.5 – 12/11/10
  • pushups:   15 – single leg.

circuit x 3:

  • bss – 8 kgs; 10 E leg
  • Slides — about 16 each time

circuit x 3:

  • Step ups – 10 E leg. 10 kg dumbbies.
  • chest fly – 8 kgs. 10
  • dumbbie chest press – 12.5 — SLOOOW 11/ 9/9.   FELT IT doing it slooooooow.

circuit x 3:

  • oly bar swings – 20 (30 kgs)/ 10 E side
  • sumo squat – 10 kg plate.  20

scissors (20 x 2)


Another day when could’ve very, VERY happily kept going, but totally had run out of time. 




Well, I ate too much this weekend.  Just way too much. Friday (of course all after work — saw that coming when took juniour out for dinner and had a glass of wine).   And Sunday.   Saturday fine.  And gymmed on Saturday, but all metabolic stuff (which is good, but no weights).

#MN today.  SPRING-ish today!  Nice lil boost.  Have few photos being my current inspiration.


62.7 KG. 


Last weighed in I reckon about 10 weeks ago?  Ballpark.  700 grams up. 1.7 up from January of this year.

bmi – up (21). 


Immediate Emotional reaction:  not thrilled.  not shattered.  as ever, was hoping for a 5 to be the first number.

Considered  reaction:

  • it’s not terrible.  it’s a number.
  • bmi increase almost bothers me more than weight itself,  though I KNOW that bmi is one indicator, and not much of an indicator for people who are athletic / lift weight.  Still, a bigger number makes me feel bigger.
  • Which is a bit of crazy thought b/c I am well within the healthy range, and in the lower (though only just) side of the range of healthy BMIs. 
  • POSITIVE:  I totally still fit into all my clothes bought at my lowest weight; skinny jeans are all ace.  For sure my abs are better in recent weeks (abs fluctuate more wildly than other areas!  hello, nutrition!).  
  • Simon:  Saw Simon this week, who I’d last seen in Feb and he was GOING ON about how much weight I’d lost.  Don’t think he ever really beleived me when I insisted I had gained weight.
  • Parents:  When I saw parents in July (last in early Jan), same as Simon, my Dad was specific in “wow you’ve lost weight since Christmas!”.  And same story, NO, ACTUALLY I’VE GAINED.
  • This is days before my  heaviest time of month. 
  • I am in the ‘hard and heavy’ muscle building phase of L&S!! Ripping to come!!
  • Per last point, but in particular in last 4 weeks with H&H phase, the freakin flu, schedule etc, have done SUPER limited cardio.  Less than ever, for sure.  And I skipped last week’s SSS which was all burpees/plyo moves/ mountain climbers & 30 minutes cardio on top …SO.  For sure I have more muscle, for sure I am well set for benefits once I do tomorrow’s SSS and the ripping phases etc.  More metabolic work added in and I will respond.
  • generally speaking, I feel pretty good and strong and not fat. 

I know it’s probably sad that I have at best given a cursory acknoledgement to things like have gotten stronger, can lift XXX, blah blah.  But, yes the shallow dominates and lean toward the aesthetic measures to try and combat the number barf.

What now?

  1. Keep on doing it.  Nutrition not terrible, but some of these weekend blowouts (lookin at you, red wine + the day after pig outs) could be reigned in.  I’m  not looking for “100%” nutrition — realistic, healthy, splurge here/there within reason & maintenance.   The elusive balanced approach.  
  2. Weigh in after my period! 
  3. Take more selfies (have fallen by the wayside)
  4. If clothes fit, don’t freak.
  5. Weigh in more regularly so it’s not such a major event (I mean I have been avoiding it forever).  

All up though, glad I and got on the scales this am.  Was not planned!  Certainly helped that I was feeling fairly good (eg. not super bloated or blobby and after a pretty good week). 

Anyway, it’s done.   Proud of myself for doing it!

also, FRIDAY!!

super quick 22 – aug – 2013

So busy.  had to blitz the workout at lunch, minimal rest time, that’s for sure:

warmup: few minutes inclined hill sprints

circuit x3:

  • squats 10/ 55 kgs.
  • plank slide things

circuit x 3:

  • step ups/ 10 e leg / 8 kg dumbbies
  • chest fly – 8 kgs. 10 or 12 each set
  • chest press – dumbbies 12.5 kgs. 10-12 E set
  • more plank slides

mini circuit

  • chin ups (5 / 5 / 3)
  • scissors – 18 / 14

few stretches blah blah.  bye bye.