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squat PT session

Just had a one-off PT session, which ended up being 30 minutes focussed 100% on squats.

My goal with this was to check form on squats, and get comfortable with the squat rack so I can up the amount I squat. To date, the max I’ve squated has been 25kg as that’s the max I can safely lift over my head onto my shoulders. As someone managing a long term back issue, I am uber sensitive about my back so knew I needed to check in before any further progression.


In sum:

1. Not surprisingly, my form was NOT perfect. Quel surprise given I never had it checked! Better late than never at this point.
2. In PT’s words, I have fabulous flexibility – can squat “bum to grass” as he called it without issue. First thing he checks before adding any weight. Apparently most people can’t do this — I know I am flexible, but quite frankly, didn’t realize that most people couldn’t do that correctly or that it had anything to do with flexibility. Who knew?

3. I was squatting with my legs too close together. Wasn’t tucking my elbows in. NOTED.

5. As I increase weight (for me, if I’m lifing > 30Kgs presently), I need to put my legs further apart to prevent the knee going over foot.

6. I have to remember to breathe on every squat! The higher the weights, here and there I didn’t exhale. oops.

7. I was never correctly “finishing”the squat movement correctly — being butt/hips pushing forward and abs being fully engaged in process. WELL HELLO, THIS IS A MAJOR DIFFERENCE. Holy Granola — seriously can’t believe the difference in how much I felt it at just 20 Kgs doing it this way (admittedly, did about 60 squats at 20 kg going slow, all form focussed). Can we say burn? LOVE IT.

Super jazzed from it. Now I will focus on a PT checkpoint at least once a month to check form on specific moves, learn, etc. I could go broke for all the PT sessions I’d like to do (I didnt’expect this one to only be squats, but it warranted it and so glad I did it).

Oh, and the plus. The PT that did this just basically has befriend me, REFUSED TO BE PAID FOR THIS SESSION. But I will be back !



Tuesday morning after the long weekend.

It has been consistently, insistently HOT. Tis to break tomorrow night I believe — thank goodness.

Somehow, in that heat, I still ate WAY too much on Sunday and totally feeling it this morning. Ovulation too. All together equals UGH. Great workout Saturday, good night, but the touch of a hangover meant bulk eating on Sunday. GRRRRRR. SUCH A DUMBO. And didn’t work out on Monday, though totally could have / should have. GRRRR.

Craving vegetables and clean food now.

Neeed too book trainer so can get 1-2-3 on how to use a number of machines / racks. Can’t up weights without it and can’t do a few exercises without it. ARGH.

It will be gross, but can’t wait to get today’s workout done with. Intervals needed big time to burn some cals. Better add in some kettle bells today too.


Gotta say though, got pull things in as autumn WILL actually arrive soon, and want the jeans effortlessness. And scarves. AHHH.

6 March

A very varied day:


ACE.   Alochol free.   Not sure of exact cals, but:

AM:  Muesli with bit yoghurt, raspeberries and water.  Can of tuna late am.  Lunch = Veggie soup with legumes + 1 wholegrain (Ryvita?) cracker.  Afternoon:  Small tuna can again; half pot chobani + blueberries.

PM:  chicken breast witih steamed broccoli. Chobani + berries.  Some sakata and organic corn chips dipped in Chobani.   2 cookies.

Tons of water.

Exercise okay – interval sprints + various weights et al.




Finally I got my guts up to weigh in.   Have not weighed in since day 1 of this round (so 4 weeks delinquent).  

Why I didn’t weigh-in previously:

Paralyzed with fear about the number (of course).  But for 2 reasons:

– New scales.  Up until that weigh in 4 weeks ago, I used ages old non-digital scales.  EVERY post I’ve seen on the 12wbt forums related to scale changes (generally from non-digital to digital) contains SHOCK HORROR and the multi-kg increases people have had.  Obviously they haven’t “gained” any weight and this is just recalibrating/measuring to the correct weight.  But still.  NOBODY WANTS THAT!

– Nutrition has gone a bit out the window this first round of Lean and Strong.  I know we need to generally up calories, and I have.  But the volume in general just too much.  Aside from the few posts here re: calories, I have not been even remotely diligent about counting.  Most particularly when I’m eating too much.  ARGH. 

The weigh-in was nowhere near as bad as I was anticipating:

62.6 kgs. 

BMI – 21.2

I KNOW I can shed a few kilos with the eye on nutrition.  Arguably I don’t need to, but I know I can and have some excess flesh over these developing muscles. 

As someone who grew up with measuring weight in pounds, I have to say 62.6 kgs sounds HUGE to me when converted (138 lbs).   In my head, I have obsessions over being 12-something (eg. even 129).  And also being Fifty-something (in kgs).

I’m relieved I finally did the weigh-in, of course.  Fear got the better of me for 4 weeks, but I really need/want to conquer this and get onto weekly weigh-ins.  I’ve not been diligent in this regard throughout 12wbt at all.  

Actually feeling uber motiviated now to move that number on the digital scales;  clean up nutrition (without going crazy ..just fine tune so shake 2.7 kg over the next 8 weeks).  I know everyone says not to focus on the scales at this point (eg. muscle building, L&S-ing), but I know I can lean up safely still.